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If you’re a true player, you already know the motto “We don’t fall in love.” No ifs, or buts. It may sound harsh but it’s a cold game, and it always has been a cold one man. So dress accordingly. 

As a player, you might find yourself in this type of predicament when one of the females you are dealing with has serious feelings for you.

Most of these women like you already or they wouldn’t be dealing with you. But most of them know you are not marriage material and are only here for a fun time not a long time. But you will get one or two who will fall head over heels in love with you.

So the question is what to do when she falls in love with you.

 Don't ignore her feelings

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Most would think “Who cares that’s her problem I will keep doing what I’m doing” but that would be the wrong assumption to make. You may even think ignoring and ghosting her will work. That’s not a good idea either. You must remember there is a thin line between love and hate. And you never want her to cross that line.

As a player, you don’t need a chick turning up at your job crying and begging to talk, or worse, have her turn into a stalker that’s slicing your tires and smashing your windows at night.

In a perfect world, you could sit her down and explain that you don’t have those feelings for her and want to keep things as they are.

But this is not a perfect world and doing that would make too much sense. And good sense is one thing most women don’t have. Because they run off of emotions, not logic. 

Stop all Intimacy 

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The next thing you have to do is stop sleeping with her. That’s right, cut her off. Women equate love with sex. I don’t know why but they do especially when they are in their feelings. If you stop having sex with her, this will help as you pull away.

Make a story up

I’m not telling you to straight-up lie just bend the truth a little. And when you do, you have to make it about you and not her.

For instance, tell her you are going through a difficult and personal time in your life and no one can help. You need to be alone for a while to fix things. So if she doesn’t hear from you every day it’s not her, it’s you.

Whatever you tell her make sure it’s face to face no text messages or phone calls. It has to be in a public place that way there won’t be any misunderstanding or court dates for assault, what’s up Jonathan Majors?

 Ask for support

Tell her what you need is for her to be a friend someone that you can confide in when you are ready to open up. Never be too specific about what is going on with you.

​ This will make her have to step up and be the better person for your sake and she will have to put her feelings to the side for now.

You may have to ween her off for a few weeks but trust me as the space between the two of you continues to grow, those strong feelings she has for you will start to weaken. And hopefully, someone else will become the apple of her eye.


I know it sounds like a lot but you chose this lifestyle and you have to take what comes with it. The good, the bad, and the dumb stuff. Trust me letting her down with the ways I’ve just taught you is by far the best way. Women can be very vindictive when scorned. 

I hope this blog post helps if you find yourself in this type of sticky situation. If you need more help, you can always enroll in Players University where I teach men the dating game from A to Z. Click the link and learn more.

And until the next time. Play on player!