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 Learn Secret Techniques To Get Women Addicted To You

Learn How To Attract Women And Date With Confidence

  • Tired of feeling awkward around women
  • Sick of seeing guys get the girls you want
  • Tired of not knowing what to say to women
  • Sick of being the odd man out

You don't have to be sick or tired anymore. Because as of right now, you have a secret weapon; and his name is King Dose.

 Let me teach you how to become a player who can have any woman he wants. All you have to do is join Player's University and begin learning.

A Message To You.

The class consists of five modules. Each of these modules contains four separate lessons.

Including a homework session. In these modules, you will learn how to create confidence.

Becoming charismatic is a skill that you will also acquire. We will go deep and find your inner player voice.

You will also learn the traits of being a masculine man.

You will learn how to start a conversation without feeling awkward.

You'll learn how to seduce females and please them in the bedroom.

By learning methods to bring her to orgasm and have her legs trembling with pleasure.

Discover the various types of women and learn how to handle each one appropriately.

There are even step-by-step instructions on what to say to a girl.

Module five teaches you how to manage your money and start a business.

It even touches on how to invest. That alone is worth its weight in gold.

What Guys Are Saying

"You're never too old to learn new tricks. After taking the class, not only did I begin to do better with meeting women. I started my own business thanks to module five."

— Carl J.

" Thanks to King Dose I learned to get out of my own way and become the player I was meant to be. Player's university is worth every penny. I'll see you guys inside. "

— Miguel S.

" This man has changed my whole life for the better. I use to be shy and just not confident in myself. But after learning the game It's been nothing but up."

— Kenneth M.



You will get free access to my Facebook group where we will chop it up about the course and go into depth about the lessons and more.


You will get discounts on all future courses, and products that I put out. On courses, you will receive a 50% discount and a 15% discount on books.


You will get one email once a week where we go back and forth with your questions. This is free for one month. Afterward, there will be a charge if you wish to continue.

Class Curriculum


  • 1
    Psychology 101
    • How To Value Yourself
    • Creating Confidence
    • Finding Your Masculinity
    • Portrait Of A Player
    • Home Work
  • 2
    Chemistry 102
  • 3
    Anthropology 103 The Study of Woman
    • The Female Mind
    • Different Types Of Women
    • Body Language
    • Bringing Out Her True Femininity
    • Home Work
  • 4
    Sexual Education 104
    • How To Dirty Talk
    • The Art Of Foreplay
    • How To F*ck Her
    • Making Her Orgasm
    • Home Work
  • 5
    Finance And Investing 105
    • How To Make A Job Work For You
    • How To Save Money
    • How To Create Wealth
    • How To Invest
    • Home Work


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