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I have been teaching you guys how to meet women and talk to them for a while now.

Once you have learned and mastered the game, it’s time to take it to the next level.

Which is how to score with a female on the first date. I mean why wait if you don’t have to? 

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couple on a date

First things first

When you two are on the date, you must take her somewhere sexy but not romantic. There is a difference between the two.

A romantic place will bring out feelings of romance and love. While sexy means bringing out feelings of lust and arousal. You want the latter. A couple of sexy places to take a woman are hookah bars or small venues that host live singers, especially R&B or jazz.

Next while on the date you have to lower her inhibitions and also make her feel as comfortable as possible, Make sure she is having fun and for god’s sake don’t bring up sex. Also, don’t talk too much keep a mysterious vibe around you, basically play it cool.

Stretch the date out for as long as you can, then suggest an activity back at your place. Invite her for drinks or a movie or say “How about we just head to my place and chill.” It’s either yes or no.

When you get back to your crib or even hers, take your time don’t pounce right away. Keep your plans and your hands to yourself. She knows what you want. Why else would she be back at your place at 2 a.m.?

But let me say this I don’t care what time it is or where you two are. That doesn’t give you the right to expect or demand sex.

Also, no does mean no. I don’t want any of my players catching a case because of mixed signals. Always remember players don’t harass they finesse. And by finesse, I mean using your mouthpiece. You have to give her positive reasons for her to open up and throw that ass back.

I know it sounds stupid but women aren’t logical. Instead of her just saying “I like your vibe and I want to have sex as much as you do, they need to play a cat-and-mouse game.

Now back to spitting game

Use what I call the question technique.

Which consists of asking her questions while at the same time overcoming any of her objections. You have to make it seem like she is in control. You must not give off creepy or predatory vibes. Instead of making her feel defensive you must take the offensive and make her feel comfortable.

Let me give you an example. If you try to seduce her and she says "I’m not that type of girl, I mean I just met you."

Your comeback should be ” I respect what you are saying but I also think women put to much emphasis on equating sex with who and what they are. I mean you’re a grown woman right?" 

"And as a grown woman, you should be able to do what you want when you want right?"

"And as far as waiting what for if we do it tonight or even six months from now if I'm an asshole I'm still going to be one, then which I'm not, you feel what I'm saying?" 

The more she answers yes the more it will put her into the mind frame of letting go of her inhibitions and doing what she wants to do deep inside without caring what society thinks of her actions.

Keep asking questions and reinforcing positive thoughts and before you know it her draws will be around her ankles.

And once you smash don’t rush her out the door, this will only make her feel duped and regret the decision she has made always play it cool.

Fix her breakfast talk to her about life keep it player like just be smooth.

So let’s go over what you’ve learned 

              1. Make sure the date is at a sexy location

             2. Make her feel comfortable

             3. never bring up sex on the date

             4. Invite her back to your place

              5. Don’t pressure her into anything       

             6. use the question technique

   7. After you score play it cool                        


And there you have it how to score on the first date. If you guys want more Game like this, I suggest you Follow me on YouTube and download my cheat sheet list of 10 pickup lines to use when meeting women.

Sincerely Yours- King Dose