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OK, picture this, you’re in a club, you’ve been checking out this hot girl for a minute and she is staring back at you. But there’s a problem she’s with four other females and they have been rolling their eyes at you all night long. 

How do you get to the one that you like without the other four trying to cock block you in the process? Maybe you should move on to someone else.

Nope, forget that this is when you go into player mode. It’s time to go on the hunt. It would be cool if you ended up in the morning with the one who has been soft-choosing you from across the room. There are a few ways to accomplish this, lucky for you I’m about to tell you how.

woman in a club holding a drink

Buy them a drink

I told you once before that women are competitive with each other. If you’re a decent-looking man those four friends are thinking “Why not me, why is he looking at her?” as a player you have to know this physiology and work from there.

Slide over to the group be confident introduce yourself to everyone. Compliment at least two of them and buy them all drinks. Then ask a few questions while the drinks are being made. Here are a couple of examples. “Where are you girls from?” What brings you guys out tonight?”

When the drinks arrive, pay for them and make a toast, right after the toast grab the one you like and tell her to dance with you. 

man touching a woman's face

Run your game

​After the dance lead her to the corner of the club to spit your game. Now remember you don’t have much time. After those crows finish their drinks, you have about 5 minutes before one of them comes to grab her from you.

What do you say to her in those five minutes? A lot. First, ask if she drove with her friends are separately. If she came in her car, you are moving in the right direction. If she drove with them, that’s cool you can get around this.

But if she drove and they came with her that could be a problem. Let’s say she drove with them all in one car trust me if your mouthpiece is nice enough she will want to go home with you. But she might not want to look like a hoe to her friends.

So find out first if she cares or not what they think. If she does then slide her your phone number and tell her to call you or text as soon as she gets home. If she takes directions well, she will do just that.

When you get her text, let her know that you’re still up and about to go to breakfast. Ask if she wants to join you. If she says yes, we all know what breakfast leads to.

Bring a friend or two

​Another way to approach the situation is to bring a couple of friends or player partners to the club with you. Let them run interference with the other girls while you spit at your girl. If your partners are as thorough with game as you are. The night should end well for everyone involved.


This article is full of basic game but it should work for you and if it doesn't. You win some you lose some but you live to play again. Like I said before, a lot of this is basic but I have some very advanced stuff in the course I teach. If you haven’t checked out players university do so it will change your life forever.

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And until the next time. Play on player!