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Since the beginning of time, men have had a choice to make. Good girl or Bad girl. Now as a player, we know that a good girl can become a bad girl but a bad girl can never truly be a good girl again. No matter how hard she tries to be.

So what is the difference between the two? Is it as simple as one being bad while the other is good? Naw, it’s more complex than that. So sit back and take notes, while I break it down from a player’s point of view.

There’s a psychological term coined The Madonna Whore Complex. This ideology places women into two categories the “Madonna, “ a woman who is pure, virtuous, and nurturing, or a “Whore,” a woman who is deemed as overly sexual, manipulating, and slutty.

A lot of women claim this is a sexist narrative created by toxic men. Whether it is or not is to be debated. Personally, when it comes to a woman being a good girl or a bad girl I don’t feel one is better than the other.

I truly believe they are both different sides of the same coin. If you press a good girl long enough, It will bring out her inner whore. And bad girls were probably good girls at one time in their life.

They both have their pros and cons, let’s run through some. Good girls are considered the ones with wholesome values and moral boundaries, as pure as the driven snow. And even if she is not a virgin, the men she has been with are very limited and far between.

The cons of a good girl are that she is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Let me explain. I knew a guy that married a virgin and after ten years of marriage, Dr Jekyll turned into Mrs Hyde.

She divorced him and tried to fit everything she missed out on in her twenties into her Thirties. Good girls can also be bland, not all but some.

Now Bad girls on the other hand are like the forbidden fruit. They taste good, but most likely are bad for your health.

Bad girls can drive a man wild in ways that can go against our better judgment. They are great in bed and fun to be around.

There are many cons to a bad girl.

They are not submissive., In the eyes of society, they are considered loose. They often dress slutty and act very whorish. Most men see them as a short-term play.

A woman that you don’t want to get serious with.


Players have an old saying that goes "treat a whore like a queen and a queen like a whore."

This simply means that you have to switch your approach up when it comes to dealing with each of these women.

Instead of being prince charming to one and a jerk to the other, trade personas or hell step outside the box and give them a mixture of both.

You'll get more appreciation, interest, and respect by doing the opposite of how someone is used to being treated. Always remember what women tell everyone they want vs what turns them on, don't typically align with each other.

I can go way deeper into the psyche of the female mind but you guys know I like to keep these blogs sweet and short. But I do have a whole section in the Associate of Game degree that goes way more in-depth. You should check it out.