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How To Meet Women Online


I am not fond of online dating. I’m old school. I like to spit at a female face-to-face. No matter where I meet her, I’m going to spit that (A 1 game) at her. It could be in a grocery store, a library, or a bank. It doesn’t matter to me.

But like any wise man, I do realize that times have changed. And different times call for different tactics. So I took a few weeks out of my time and checked out some of these dating sites to test the terrain and here are my results.

It was like taking candy from a baby, easy work not even a challenge. A lot of you like the site plenty of fish so we will focus there.

The reason I don’t like dating sites is that too many women use them to build their self-esteem and try to find the man of their dreams. They think they can just type in what they want and poof it's Prince Charming.

But what else would you expect from such emotional creatures? My experience on POF was mostly good of course there were a few bad apples. We will talk about them later. 

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Phase 1. Set up your profile

As far as your profile I suggest you put the basics on it.  Like height, weight, eye color, and race. Then write a short, precise bio no essays or novels gentlemen.

Tell her who you are, what you are looking for, and what you like to do. Put three or four pictures up and you’re done.

No fancy or outrageous nicknames either. After filling my profile out, I just chilled.

After a few days, I logged back in and had at least 30 messages waiting for me. But you are not me so here is what I want you to do.

Group of beautiful women

Phase 2. Pick who you like

First, find five of the best-looking women on the site and message them.

Then I want you to message five average-looking females, then I want you to message five ugly chicks

The reason I want you to do this is to show you that every chick on this site has an inflated ego no matter what they look like.

​I also want you to understand if you’re going to take the time to instruct a chick it might as well be a top-notch dime.

​And the difference between an average one and a top-notch one is not really that different.

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Phase 3. Send a message

Now that we have your mindset right, here is the message that you should send to these women.

Hey prettygirl112 or whatever her handle is I’m (Your Name). This is my first time checking out this site and I came across your profile. From what I read, you seem like a down-to-earth person. I think getting to know each other would be a mutually beneficial experience. I'm really not on here much but I will get back to you if you’re also interested.

Do not deviate away from the words that I have given you. Write it exactly how it reads. There is a method to my madness. First of all, you didn’t compliment her looks; lames do that 24/7 that’s why her ego is inflated.

You didn’t ask her to Netflix and chill, you just left the door open to get to know each other. And lastly, you let her know that you’re a busy man and don’t have the time to be checking a dating site every five minutes.

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​Phase 4. Relax and Let the magic happen

Now sit back and relax for a few days then log back in. You don’t want to rush things, it’s all about timing. While we are waiting I might as well get back to my results and my experiences with the site.

Half of the women that messaged me were Hail Mary’s. What’s a Hail Mary you ask? Well, that’s a woman who doesn’t stand a chance with me but they shoot their shot, anyway.

Needless to say, I didn’t respond to any of them. Out of the ones who hit me up that were decent, I chose the best one out of the group. And responded she would be my go-to.

What’s a go-to? You know when your top-notch is not available and you just have to have sex, well just go to your decent chick who will most likely be available to knock off.

And the last batch who hit me up were what I considered dimes.

I shot a quick paragraph back to each of them saying that I was free tomorrow and would like to meet up for a drink. That’s right player I don’t mess around. I get right to the point. Two of them hit me back within minutes and I made plans with both at different times same spot. Another hit me back a few days later wanting to hook up next week. The fourth hit me back with a “damn you move fast sir!”

I never replied back to her being that I have no time for small talk. If she messages me again I’ll let her know she can come and give me head or keep it moving. it’s no loss to me.

You shouldn’t be as bold as me when you get your replies. I can do that I'm a seasoned Mack and it’s easy for me. You on the other hand need to feel the females out who messaged you back, before you try and go full Mack mode. By the way, if the ugly chicks didn’t message you back, immediately go to Players University and sign up we’ve got work to do.

If you get a mix between the ugly chicks the average ones and the top notches, that’s a good sign. If you got all top notches to reply then I salute you, player. If all average replies you’re still good. But let’s go with you got a mixture. Do not and I repeat do not go back and forth for days and weeks with these women over this app.

You’re going to message back and forth for a few days at most and those messages should lead to a phone call or at least texting back and forth by the way if you haven’t seen my video "How to text Women the Player Way" it's right here watch it when you get a chance.


Now once you spit that thorough game on the phone it’s time to meet up. I suggest somewhere neutral like a Starbucks or a park get creative. No movies or dinners yet that’s too personal and everyone does that.

After your dates hit me up and let me know how things worked out. If you need more training, you can always enroll in Players University where I teach men the dating game from A to Z. Click the link and learn more.

Until the next time play on player!