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How To Approach A Beautiful Woman



There she is player, standing only 5 feet away from you. Eye contact has been made, what are you going to do? The next move is on you.

​Do you approach her and say hi? What if you choke maybe you should just leave it alone, it’s better to not look like a fool. And just like that, you watch the girl of your dreams walk away, never to be seen again.


You’ve always got the memories of the two minutes of silence you two shared. I don’t want this to happen to you. If you’re unsure what to do or say to a beautiful girl, don’t worry I’m going to help you.

Follow these directions step by step and you will be sure to score.

1. You have to be confident

Women can smell fear from a mile away. You have to be confident. I have said it before and I will say it again. Her getting to know you should be a pleasure for her. She should be grateful you even took the time out of your busy day to say hi.

This is what should be running through your mind as you talk to her. Of course, I don’t want you to come off as being arrogant or an ass-hole. But she does need to sense that turning you down would be a big mistake on her part.

The way you carry yourself, what you say, and the vibe you give off will accomplish this. Try not to be nervous, maintain eye contact, and speak up.

2 How What Where When  

That’s right you have to use the when where and how approach. Many of you guys draw a blank with conversing with a girl. If this ever happens remember my H.w.w.w. approach. How are you? What’s your name? Where are you from? And when can we go out?

A good player does more listening than talking believe it or not. I want you to listen to what she is saying vibe off of her words and ask strategic questions. Women love talking especially about themselves. All you have to do is interject every few minutes.

Other than that your main job is to move the conversation to you eventually and her hooking up. If you’re a seasoned player, you don’t have to play the listening game because you already know how to spit.

Spitting is what we are calling talking to a woman.

Hammer smashing ice

3. Ways to break the ice

Jokes are always good but it has to be funny and not corny, if you don’t have a great sense of humor then skip this one.

Or you could break the ice with an innocent question. Let’s say you’re at a fast-food joint standing in line next to a pretty girl you could say “I’ve never eaten here before. A friend told me about this place is the food any good?”

If she says it is good then ask her what does she suggest? After she answers introduce yourself and go from there.

Man looking around

4. Always be observant

You have to realize when a woman is giving you choosing signals. What are choosing signals her flirting with you but trying not to be too obvious?

If she smiles at you a certain way, that’s a choosing signal. If she enters your personal space or accidentally rubs up against you choose signal. Giving you constant eye-to-eye contact or even coming up to you asking a stupid question is an opening for you to spit at her.

Let me tell you a secret that most women don’t want men to know but I'm going to tell you, anyway. A woman knows after a few minutes of meeting you if she is going to have sex with you or not.

That’s right it doesn’t take months or even days, minutes fellows. The onus is on you to mess it up or not and unfortunately a lot of you do just that, mess it up.

I have had plenty of women tell me this. Why because we were cool. That’s one advantage of having certain women as friends. 

You don’t have to bang them all player but we'll talk about that another time.


Now that you know what to do here are somewhat not to do tips when approaching women.

 Don’t act overconfident a woman can sense when you are faking it so be yourself. If you just calm down and stop being so nervous you’re probably actually a cool guy and that will come through.

Don’t try to buy her attention. I’ve talked about this before. Buying a drink or taking a woman out is OK but paying rent and car notes or buying designer bags is a big no, no don’t do it.

Don’t ask questions that she heard before, be different and stand out. Instead of asking her can I buy you a drink, say something like "What’s up I’m about to get you a cognac what do you want?" Don’t ask her if she has a man, who cares that’s none of your business unless she wants it to be.

And lastly, never compliment her looks. Do you know how many guys tell her how fine she is every day? Let me help you the average-looking woman may get hit twice a day, multiply that by thirty. So, in a month, at least 60 men have told this chick she is pretty now imagine if she is a dime. How many men is that a day?

So chill with the compliments, let her mother tell her how pretty she is. Now let's rewind to the beginning.

There she is player standing five feet away from you, eye contact has been made. So what are you going to do?

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